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Where there's a will there's a way. - English Proverb

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Welcome to our Consumer & Appliance market summary. We supply custom metal stampings and subassemblies from a variety of materials and manufacturing methods for a variety of applications and customers.

We have experience with virtually all metal types, with focus on non-ferrous, spring steel, and stainless steel alloys. Our diverse capabilities include multi-slide stampings, rotary formed stampings, progressive stampings up to 300T, assembly (both manual and automated) and part qualification to ensure zero defects.

Most of our consumer & appliance applications supplied by us fall into one of the following segments/applications:
  • Consumer - power tools, electronics, and office products
  • Appliance - white goods, motors, controls, and HVAC

We supply a wide variety of manufacturers as this segment is broader in depth. A large portion of this market segment