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Welcome to our Automotive market summary. We supply custom metal stampings and subassemblies from a variety of materials and manufacturing methods for a variety of applications and customers.

We have experience with virtually all metal types,with focus on non-ferrous, spring steel, and stainless steel alloys. Our diverse capabilities include multi-slide stampings,rotary formed stampings,progressive stampings up to 300T, assembly (both manual and automated) and part qualification to ensure zero defects.

Most of our automotive applications supplied by us fall into one of the following Automotive segments/applications:

  • Interior - instrument panel,interior lighting,headliners,console & visors,and seating
  • Electrical - controls & switches,distribution,actuators,andsensors
  • Power train - engine,transmission,andfuel systems
  • Chassis - brakes,shocks & struts,steering,andsafety

We supply a variety of OEM s andtier level suppliers. In particular, we supply tier level strategic component/system integrators and automobile manufacturers focused on:

  • Electrical applications from controls and switches through distribution to motors,actuators and other components that receive electrical signals.
  • Critically dimensioned components used in automated assembly processes as well as safety critical,fluid control, and other applications where a single detect can generate significant consequences and/or expense.
  • Some of the components that we supply include:brackets,clips,detent spring assemblies,eyelet bolt assemblies,shims,seat rails,and washers
  • Some of our automotive customers include: Aisin, Akebono, Arvin, ASMO, Capsonic, CTS, Delphi, Denso, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Hutchinson, Johnson Controls, KYB, MACI, Robert Bosch,SAIA-Burgess,.Takata,TRW, Visteon, and Yazaki
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