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Look to be treated by others as you have treated others. - Publius Syrus

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At Small Parts, Inc., we offer a wide variety of career opportunities for people who share our values of integrity, excellence and service and who are committed to achieving success through the application of their talents and skills.

Our values drive our relationship with the people associated with the company every day. Because we value integrity, we are committed to treating each other with dignity, respect, honesty and consideration and foster an environment that promotes that behavior among all. Because we value excellence, we encourage excellent performance in everyone associated with the organization. And because we believe service is fundamentally important in our lives together, we are committed to relating with each other in a positive and considerate manner and to serving one another in a spirit of cooperation. It is our goal to provide a work environment where you can thrive using these values as the foundation for our relationships with the people who work at SPI.

The talents and skills necessary to be successful vary from position to position. Our success in the marketplace depends on our ability to provide solutions to our customers